Prints Gone Wild 2011

Guest Post by Miguel A. Aragón.

During New York’s Print Week 2011, there were more than several options to get your fill of work ranging from all periods and movements of print. Thanks to the IFPDA Fair and the E/AB Fair and galleries shows like “Rauschenberg: Rare experimental Works” at Jim Kempner and the “Pacific Standard Editions (An East Coast Look at the West Coast Celebration of Pacific Standard Time)” from Gemini G.E.L. at Joni Moisant Weyl gallery to name a few, prints and printmaking were definitely the talk of the town. But unless you belonged to the one percent, you weren’t there to buy so much as “window shop” the mastery at these events.

However, thanks to the folks at Cannonball Press, there was an alternative for the thrifty shopper- a place to enjoy the work but also to buy it at affordable prices! With their Sixth edition of Prints Gone Wild!, Cannonball Press delivered a $50 or less “Vernacular Printacular Mega-Hairy Brooklyn Affordable Print Fair!” as they put it. Located at the Secret Project Robot Art Space in Brooklyn, the event was a successful assemblage of extraordinary artists and workshops who displayed, printed, and sold their work during a two day print madness. The event featured: Drive By Press, Wolfbat Studios, The Arm Letterpress, Evil Prints, Yee-haw Industries, Justseeds, Kayrock, Carrier Pigeon and, of course, Cannonball Press.

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Upon entering the space you had the chance to buy tickets for a raffle; prizes were more than tempting so it was hard not to buy more than one ticket.

Prize #1 included a Cannonball Press Mega Mystery Pack of 20 Prints!

Prize #2 was the C-Sides a Cannonball Press and Claudio Orzo 12 woodcut & Letterpress collaboration portfolio

The grand prize was definitely a big one: two amazing Yee-haw Industries and Cannonball Press collaboration prints.


Justseeds had a wide array of prints and books.

Carrier Pigeon generated a lot of interest with their magazine…

As always Drive by Press was printing live allowing for a firsthand experience on relief printing.

Evil Prints’ Tom Huck gave a small preview of his upcoming series of woodcuts.

“SCUDS” The newest Tom Huck woodcut published by the Lawrence Lithography Workshop.

These are the only bugs I want in my house.

Evil Prints staff members were also present printing bugs on t-shirts and selling their work.

Dennis McNett’s Wolfbat Studio displayed animals and creatures that demand your respect…

Some of Dennis assistants like Kayla Jones were also displaying their amazing work.

Yee-Haw Industries specializes in letterpress posters and clever captions.

How can you not relate to this situation?

Kayrock Screen printing, Inc. is a Fine art and commercial screen printing team located in Brooklyn. They also publish art editions and artist books.

Great advice.

Also printing live was The Arm Letterpress, who offers classes for anyone interested in learning to print and rent press time for those who already have experience.

Everybody was buying, and with prices starting at $5 and going no higher than $50 how could you not?

Time to give away the prizes!


After the raffle the party continued with live music from Organs.

Drive by Press invited filmmaker Dale Krupla to capture the magic check it out:

YouTube Preview Image

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