Postcard Post: The New Renegade (London)

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On October 8th and 9th, Renegade Craft Fair (begun in Chicago in 2003) held its first international fair in East London (the newly hip Shoreditch / Spitalfield’s neighborhood). Amidst throngs of other street fairs and venders, second-hand clothing stores, and a cheery inclination toward plaid, Renegade was tucked away on the second floor of a beautiful old industrial building, the skylit Old Truman Brewery. I was there helping Jenny from Ork Posters (check out the London-based print shop Loligo that is printing Ork in the UK), and after walking around and seeing a predominance of pretty cool printed material, I decided to document all of the neat prints that artists from all over the UK had on display. I got a chance to chat with some really lovely people, and in the spirit of international analog appreciation, Jason Urban and I hatched a plan for the first Printeresting Postcard Post (with a card from Patrick Edgeley).

Robin & Mould (U.K.)

[Lots more fun photos after the jump!]

These are all of the sweet printed business cards I picked up from everyone.

Renegade London

The super cute print duo Chase & Wonder (Faye and David), from rural Worcestershire. They’re affiliated with Birmingham Printmakers.

Ellie Curtis (U.K.). She prints at East London Printmakers.

Nose-to-nose with Ellie Curtis

A cheery Hazel Stark (U.K.) with a screenprinted pillow. She also prints at East London Printmakers.

Hazel Stark screenprinted paper goods

Ryan Hansen of Magic Industrie in Los Angeles had these rad pins made from the leather bindings of old books.

Screenprinted pillows from Marika Giacinti (Paris)

Marika Giacinti. This girl has her branding down. Classiest business card I’ve seen in ages.

Katie Mac of Pop Corny (U.K.)

Pop Corny

Late 1960s-inspired screen prints from Patrick Edgeley (U.K.). Check out those Catherine Holm enamel wares!

Patrick Edgeley loves screenprints.

Vikings! Yes.

Todd Stewart of BreeRee (Montréal)

Lovely screen printed landscapes from BreeRee

Deborah Withey

That is a fish. (For gyotaku!)

Deborah Withey

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  1. Tish says:

    Postcard Posts….oh we will totally be sending you some on our road trip to California in March!!! FUN!!!