The California Printmaker is here!

OMG! It’s finally here- The California Printmaker guest-edited by Printeresting! At the beginning of 2011, we were approached by Anthony Ryan and Meri Brin of the California Society of Printmakers about guest-editing the 2011 edition of the journal. It’s a 32-page exploration of the relationship of print to internet with a long list of contributors (see below). We’ve got it all: original writing, original print-related comics, artist profiles! We should also mention that this is the first edition of The California Printmaker to be printed in color and to include an offset poster insert.

A huge thanks to all of our contributors: Xavier Antin, Andrew Remington Bailey, Aleksandra Domanovic, Stephanie Dotson, Johanna Drucker, Bill Fick, Tate Foley, Julia V. Hendrickson, Paul Laidler, Alex Lukas, Joseph Lupo, 
Daniel Maw, Louise Naunton Morgan, Roja Najaf, John Pyper, Rand Renfrow, Jenny Schmid, Sonnenzimmer, Buzz Spector, Derek Stroup, 
Breanne Trammell, Whitney Trettien, & Joe Winter. And another huge thanks to our summer intern Sarah Smith who put in so much hard work on this project.

We worked with CSP to make the the journal available here for online purchase.
Turns out making a color magazine isn’t cheap. To see our vision a reality we re-invested the CSP’s generous stipend back into the project and ended up dipping into our own wallet to boot, so please bear that in mind as you weigh our asking price of $10.  We have a stash of copies that we are selling here (that $10 includes US S&H). It’s $16 for Int’l orders. A bargain for a solid read and a great way to support Printeresting.

Any questions about ordering can be directed to paypal@printeresting.orgIf you represent a retail location with an interest in carrying copies please contact us.

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9 Responses to “The California Printmaker is here!”

  1. Jon says:

    Well it’s about f’n time.
    Looking forward to seeing it, congratulations!

  2. Robin says:

    Picked up a copy from the Print Center at the E/AB fair. It looks great! And I’m really enjoying reading it.

  3. Joanna Swan says:

    Congratulations Printeresting! So awesome!

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  5. Kathan and Tom,
    I remembered you both as honest Artful people. Would you be interested in publishing an unknown’s 40 years of writing poetry and Photography and Art. If I can have your email address I will send new versions to you. If you are not interested, I will know in before the end of the month.

  6. nancy stein says:

    Hello- I am an artist member of caprintmakers. However, my email changed some time ago – and I can’t find who to contact to change it.
    I don’t remember my login or password.
    Also – can i have my website added to the list of artists, as some have – its listed as
    If you can’t do this, can you please tell me who to contact?

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