Occupy Wall Street Prints!

The Occupied Wall Street Journal a kickstarter backed newspaper-style publication, distributed free all-over the city.

A brief stroll through Zuccotti Park in lower manhattan, the ground zero of the Occupy Wall Street protest movement, is all is required to remind a person of the historic relationship between printed ephemera and political protest. While this movement has been characterized by its savvy use of the digital publishing tools and social media, you have to admire the range of printed material produced and available in the park. The following is a brief photo essay of what one might see on site.

Photo copy 2

Zines, pamphlets, and other self-published agitprop abounds!

Photo copy

Some zine-makers folding away near the entrance to the park.

A tarp full of free take-away items.

Photo copy 4

Other related newspaper style publications.

Photo copy 3

And a free lending library of books & novels related and unrelated to topics of social struggle.

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6 Responses to “Occupy Wall Street Prints!”

  1. J Goldsmith says:

    We are printing Tshirts at Zuccotti Park too! Stop over and visit the silkscreen station 😉

  2. Amze says:

    Thanks for the update, J. Send us a picture and we’ll post it on the site.

  3. Book Bombs will have a free downloadable zine about the Occupation out soon!

  4. erik ruin says:

    check out this related article over at Justseeds by our pal Jesse Goldstein- http://www.justseeds.org/blog/2011/10/occuprint_everything_1.html

  5. Joshua Field says:

    Here is a flickr pool with LOTS of pictures from the OWS Screenprinting Lab: http://www.flickr.com/groups/ows_screenprinting/