More NY Art Book Fair (Part II)

Part two of Paul Windle‘s guest post from New York Art Book Fair. Continued from part one.

Picnic Magazine came all the way from Tel Aviv, Israel. They were the nicest dudes, and they put out a beautifully designed art mag that is packed with pictures and has very few words.

They traded me for their latest issue. Also, each issue comes with a really awesome poster.

Exhibitors on the second floor were troopers because they stuck it out all weekend in a room with not much AC and hundreds of sweaty book nerds, like myself.


Drawn and Quarterly was yet another Canadian publisher. I didn’t get a chance to talk to them, but they put out top-notch books and comics.

One of my favorite exhibitors was The Thing Quarterly, “an object based publication produced by visual artists Jonn Hershend and Will Rogan. Each issue is conceived of by a different contributor. The object is reproduced, wrapped, and shipped to the subscribers.”

Writer and This American Life contributor, Starlee Kine was at The Thing’s table signing her cutting boards.

Ooga Booga (LA) and Nieves Books (Zurich, Switzerland) were side by side. Both had awesome wall displays.

Ooga Booga is one of my favorite places in LA. They’ve got tons of great zines, books and records. Plus their store is surrounded by great Chinese restaraunts! They also brought da ruckus with this awesome Wu Tang print.

No need to break the bank to get the good stuff. Plenty of folks were trading and bartering like illustrator John Malta, who was trading his zine seen here.

Another one of my favorite exhibitors was Little Brown Mushroom Books. LBM is Alec Soth’s publication company. If you don’t know his work check it out he’s an amazing photographer. I first saw his work at the Walker Art Center last fall. I recommend the show to those of you who own time machines. Anyway, LBM mostly publishes photo/drawing zines and books with a loose narrative. Jason Polan produced a really cool coloring book with them too.  LBM4LIFE

Showpaper was distributing their newsprint posters for free and had several newsstands that had been transformed by artists.

By Faust

By Dennis McNett

Here are some more photos that don’t have captions, feel free to think up your own!

This concludes my guest blog on the NY Art Book Fair. I learned that books are neat, making stuff is cool, and talking to people is good.

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