Punishing Prints

You may remember a Printeresting post from a while back about a project called Straight to Take. As VCU students, Sean Kuhnke and Bryan Jabs started the take-away silkscreen poster project to distribute their work. Since then, they have been keeping busy working and making art, two things that aren’t so separate because they are employed at a printing company, Wythken Printing. Their newest project, Punishing Prints, takes advantage of thier new-found access to offset technology. Recently, they exhibited the piece in an exhibition  titled Materialism of Encounter at Little Berlin Gallery in Philadelphia. They documented the project’s production and offered to share it with Printeresting’s readers. In more or less their own words:

1. Offset printed 4000 sheets of paper + envelopes, Bryan Jabs’ image on one side and Sean Kuhnke’s image on
the other.
2. Hand-collated the stacks so that the different sides of the prints alternated (Kuhnke print, Jabs print, Kuhnke print, Jabs print, etc.).
3. Built a custom jig, jogged all of the prints and created a giant stack.
4. Padded (industry parlance for making a stack of paper into a pad of paper) them together using a jig and straps (naysayers- it cant be done, it will break, yadda, yadda, yadda). Note the custom-dyed neon green glue.
5. Built a crate.
6. Loaded crate in the back of a pickup truck and drove it to Philadelphia (in the rain! oh the worries of humidity!).
7. Stuck it in the gallery and proceeded to give away as many prints as possible with convient envelopes for transport.

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One Response to “Punishing Prints”

  1. Andy says:

    ye offset. Nice work Bryan and Sean, can’t wait to see what feat of printing you pull off next.