Thomas Kilpper

Here are some pictures of a recent Thomas Kilpper floor-cut at the Teatro Pablo Tobon Uribe in Colombia in conjunction with Encuentro Internacional de Medellín (MDE11). Kilpper converted the theatre’s orchestra pit into a matrix that subsequently was printed. The text is: CÓMO PUEDE SUPERARSE EL ESTADO DE NEGLIGENCIA? (HOW TO OVERCOME THE STATE OF NEGLECT?).

Like any project of this magnitude, a whole crew of people were involved in the various stages of production: Adriana Pineda, Julian Carvajal, Andres Layos, Daniel Gomez, Laura Pérez, Pablo Román, Fabian Patino…


(Thanks, Beauvais.)

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3 Responses to “Thomas Kilpper”

  1. Nick says:


  2. Jason Urban says:

    my bad. thanks, nick.

  3. Marta says:

    What a great idea! love the linocut!that is my dream to make a linocut as big as this one. well done! congratulations. marta