Christopher Hartshorne at Napoleon

IMG 0046Christopher Hartshorne‘s show last months at Napoleon, a new gallery space in Philadelphia, was an amazing display of visual and technical prowess. Working solely with large scale, black and white relief prints, Hartshorne produced a powerful new body of work that made the small upstart gallery feel like a much, much larger space. Creating work that has the feeling of intuitive, gestural abstraction, Hartshorne successfully stakes out some new territory in the now crowded field of monochromatic relief printing.


Working on very large rolls of paper with asymetrical compositions, the work has the presence of immense asian scrolls in form, but the imagery is much more ephemeral, emphasizing process and making direct if abstract references to natural forms. The use of stencils, repeat printing blocks and idiosyncratic compositional breaks also seem to vaguely reference Rosenquist’s large canvases of cross-cut content.

IMG 0036

This is strong and inspiring work that seems unconcerned with current trends. We look forward to seeing more soon.
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