Fall Again at Printeresting

Hey, everyone. Hope you all had a great summer. August is always a slow month here at Printeresting. Between record temps, earthquakes, and hurricanes, we’re happy to see it behind us. Onward to the better, less stifling, months of Autumn!

We’ve got some big things in store for this Fall, not the least of which is our first-ever printed publication! Anthony and Meri from the California Society of Printmakers got in touch with us way back in January to see if we’d be interested in guest-editing this year’s edition of The California Printmaker. So here we are, about nine months later, and we’re on the verge of getting proofs back from the printer. It’s really going to be great! It should be in our hands by early October. Stay posted here to find out how and where copies will be available.

Another big announcement, this Fall will see the debut of the first-ever Printeresting Micro-Grant! Thanks to our phenomenally supportive advertisers (those alluring buttons on the far right) and our tight-belted, monastic life-style, we are actually covering our costs and we want to give some back to our community of readers. Look for our official announcement some time within the next week!

Beyond all that, we’ve got some trips planned. Rumor has it we’ll be in Alabama in late September visiting University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa (and maybe sneaking in trips to Amos Kennedy, PieLab and more), and we’ll be in New York for E/AB, the IFPDA Print Fair and the rest of NY Print Week in November. And if you find yourself in Miami for INK and the rest of the fairs this December, keep checking this site to see if our plans for a little art world intervention have paid off. Wow. It’s going to be non-stop.

On top of that, we’re planning on doing tons of our regular posts about amazing art and interesting print miscellany. And as always, if there is something happening in your neck of the woods we should know about send us a line.

It’s going to be an awesome Fall. Please visit regularly.

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