Lithography at Ox-Bow

For the first week in August, with the help of many supportive people and organizations, I had the good fortune to learn lithography at the Ox-Bow School of Art in Saugatuck, Michigan. The print shop there is newly redesigned (with an emphasis on lithography, but also including letterpress, two etching presses, and a screenprinting set up). Taught by Mark Pascale, the teaching assistant was Julia Asherman and the Ox-Bow print shop technician for the summer was Lauren Anderson. It was a completely wonderful experience, and if you’re ever able to do printmaking in the woods next to a lagoon, specifically in Western Michigan, I’d highly recommend it.

The Ox-Bow print shop.

Julia Asherman inks up her stone.

Workstation, with “Welcome to Screenprinting” poster by Geoffrey Hammerlinck

Letterpress station

Letterpress station

Ox-Bow Shop Etiquette (Rules to Live By)

Julia Asherman’s wood type poster layout for the Sunday Yard Sale (“Haircuts & Tattoos”)

Lauren Anderson and Sally Jerome share their screenprinted, hand-bound “Joke Book”

Joke Book

Miriam Dubinsky‘s work, with sketchbooks, transfers, and stones.

Work-in-progress from the awesome Miriam Dubinsky

B. Ingrid Olson grinds down a stone, the fearsome levigator by her side

Mark Pascale grinding stones with Elaine Dalcher and Maureen Warren

Mark Pascale, about to etch Julia Asherman’s stone

Transfer litho stone by B. Ingrid Olson

B. Ingrid Olson and Julia V. Hendrickson

Busy print shop

Lauren Anderson and Max Menning

Mark giving a tusche demonstration

SAIC Print Shop Director Danny Miller paid a visit and did some outdoor fiddling.

Julia Asherman stone


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5 Responses to “Lithography at Ox-Bow”

  1. Lee says:

    Hi All,

    I spent some time teaching at Ox-Bow and agree that it is a wonderful place. Also, Mark Pascale is a cool guy and great printer.

    nice post!

  2. Christina says:

    Mark Pascale is the Curator of Prints and Drawings at the Art Institute as well and is indeed a great guy! Danny Miller too.

  3. Great synopsis of our stone lithography class! I can’t believe what a challenging, interesting, fun, enlightening time I had with the Lithography group in particular and the whole OxBow crew as a whole.


  4. Corey says:

    I recently found myself the owner of a number of litho stones. I did read somewhere that these are rare, as the original quary in germany is mined out. I have been looking for someone whom might make use of them, as I myself have never done lithography… I have 4 medium and large stones that need a good home.

  5. Marcelo Sewald says:

    Exelente espacio para el trabajo, me gustaria establecer contactos para poder hacer residencias o intercambios desde la Patagonia Argentina, donde estamos armando un estudio de Litografia y lito offset. Saludos