All Together Now

Curated by Adrienne Miller, Vanderbilt University’s Space 204 exhibition, All Together Now, isn’t exclusively about printmaking (often a boring premise for a show anyway) but includes no shortage of prints. The exhibition brings together individuals working in a variety of areas: gig posters, folk art, graffiti, the craft movement, and commercial design. It’s an eclectic sample of works; the individual pieces are held together like objects in a time capsule.

Maybe it’s all in the name, but the idea of community seems central to All Together Now. To my mind, the show is a reflection of social networking and the digital sharing of images and interests. Even in its arrangement on the wall, a sprawling salon-style grouping bound by a color field, it feels a like an analog tumblr. I haven’t spoken with Miller about the show but I’d be surprised if the exhibition hadn’t evolved from collecting things (and people) online. All Together Now seems like a celebration of something that’s often taken for granted- the ease with which we can pull people (or at least their artwork) together.

There are 19 artists in the exhibition including a number of Printeresting faves. In alphabetical order, they are Laura Baisden, Kelly Bonadies, Will Bryant, Andrew Burkitt, Chris Cheney, Gregory Scott Cook, Ann Flowers, Tate Foley, Alyson Fox, Clare J. Bowers, Chad Kouri, Bryce McCloud, Michelle Ramin, Stacey Reason, Sonnenzimmer, Brad Vetter, Betsy Walton, Lindsey Warren, and Lulu Wolf.

The exhibition closes at the end of the week (8/5) so if you’re in the Nashville area and haven’t stopped by yet, there’s still a bit of time. Check it out.

All photos courtesy of Aron Wright.

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