Dispatches from Pittsburgh: Artnoose

A Guest Post by Jenn Pascoe.

Pittsburgh is home to many achievements (like it’s own funicular!), one you may not be so aware of is a strong letterpress community. One of the more esteemed members of that community is Artnoose. After getting her start in the Bay Area, she has been letterpress printing her zine, Kerbloom!, for over 15 years (that means she’s been making quality zines longer than Rebecca Black has been on Earth).

(Cartoon Artnoose and 15+ years of zines!)

As with many other printmakers Artnoose also offers her printing services and expertise for special events, but clearly she makes time for personally creative projects, too!


Artnoose resides at Cyberpunk Apocalypse, a writers collective, for the past few years — you can see some flyers she printed for events there (below) — She is hoping to begin a sister print-house nearby that would work with visiting and resident writers on new projects.


(Candy-grams, straight edge erotica, and celebrating the falll of sauron…just another day)


Where the Magic happens.

Follow the Jump to see more work by Artnoose.

Below is a selection of covers from over 15 years of printing Kerbloom! — a greatest hits, if you will, picked by Artnoose herself.






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  1. Kevin McCloskey says:

    Cool, some more images of artnoose’s work can be seen here.