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If you find yourself in Berlin looking to connect with local print artists, go no further than Manière Noire. Located in the Moabit neighborhood of Berlin, the space operates as a gallery, community print studio, and general gather place for people interested in contemporary print.

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Named for the French print term, meaning the ‘Black Image’, referring in this case to mezzotint, Manière Noire describes itself conversely as bright and welcoming:

When seeking beautiful, contemporary prints, one should really explore Berlin. In the capital of Germany, at the main bridge between the East and West of Europe, [and] many artists have established their own ateliers. But there is a special space, a printmaking studio and gallery called Manière Noire. Its bright and spacious rooms are waiting to welcome people and are found in the centre of the city, in the Quarter of Moabit.

Manière Noire welcomes all its future visitors to come and see the masterpieces of international printmakers, whose works are highly appreciated and awarded in graphic festivals or competitions around the world.

So definitely stop by and maybe make some prints.


To see more artwork and learn more about the space follow the jump.

The space was founded by the artist Majla Zeneli, who in a recent interview with Printeresting described it as evolving organically from collaborating with others, read her comments below:

The “engine” of Manière Noire is its collaborative functioning – I have invited colleges from outside Berlin and mostly apart from German borders and they all have reacted so faithfully… The most important feature of the exhibiting program is that these graphics do not have an instrumental character, the prints..are independent artifacts at the same level as painting, drawing, sculpture, photography etc, only.. they often appear in editions.

Majla went out of her way to talk up the next exhibiting artist, “But I would like here to mention Malgorzata Et Ber Warlikowska, who has broken the rules of numbering graphics, as her printing process is as much artistic and creative as the producing of the matrix and no print recalls another one. Her graphics are mostly monoprints: silkscreens or linocuts full of layers that always change their places.”

To read more, here’s a link of an interview of Majla Zeneli about her work and the gallery here.

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