All that is solid…

Guest Post by Miguel A. Aragón.

Currently on view at the Socrates Sculpture Park in Long Island City is an exhibition titled “Vista”; a show that explores the process of observation and its’ interaction between the physical world and seeing an object or scene.
Out of this exhibition, a piece by Rob Swainston titled “All that is solid melts into the air” stands out. The piece is made from a woodblock print on poly knit cloth resembling a fence similar to the ones used on construction sites; that resemblance however, quickly changes from barrier to illusion.
At first glance it tries to blend with the city’s skies, due to the shade of blue ink and white fabric used to create the piece. Upon further investigation one realizes that it is mimicking plywood boards typically used in construction fences; this wall however is see-thru and fragile. It is also not all the way around enclosing anything, but rather it is an illusion that blocks the view of what is to come.
We are all too familiar with these obstructions that function both for protection from construction and as means to hide urban eyesores but with this piece Rob Swainston successfully brings attention to the landscape that one may otherwise never have noticed at all.
Much of the rest of the show is concerned with framed vistas, being strikingly attentive to the landscape even as it is dispersed. Vista runs through August 7, 2011 in Long Island City (Queens) NY.
You can see more of Rob Swainston’s work here.
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