Peter Brötzmann’s Wuppertal


In April, the owners of the gallery where I work had the chance to visit the home of Peter Brötzmann, renowned free jazz musician and printmaker-painter-sculptor, and I couldn’t help but share these remarkable glimpses of Brötzmann’s studio. As a self-taught printmaker, Brötzmann works primarily with woodcuts (a 2010 jazz album with Paal Nilssen-Love is even titled “Woodcuts“, indeed, many of Brötzmann’s albums feature his artwork), and his prints revel in the tangible on a very elemental level–in land, in water, and in body.

Studio work space.

Used blocks and sculpture in the studio.

(the wood block is visible in the photograph above).

Studio view.

An epic speaker in the studio.

John Corbett, Peter Brötzmann, Jim Dempsey, Wuppertal, 2011.

Iconic bridges of Wuppertal, Germany.

Wuppertal, Germany.

[All images courtesy of John Corbett].


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