Tugboat Printshop Studio Tour

It was a real pleasure to visit our friends at Tugboat Printshop in Pittsburgh, PA. Paul, Valerie, and a pal were hard at work on a print for an upcoming show by The Decemberists. Still, they made time for a quick studio tour.

Blocks on display!

What a block! You can see much better process photos at the Tugboat blog.

Prints on display!

Tugboat sure knows how to make a guy feel welcome. It’s the old saying: “the way to a man’s heart is his promo sticker on your printing press.” Join us after the jump for more pics!

More prints on display

Brayer Wunderkammer

(this one’s for the real print junkies!)

(This one’s for the Decemberists fans!)

One of the best things about Tugboat’s studio is the opportunity to see the painstakingly carved woodblocks used to print the images. Here’s a recent image from the Tugboat website, and my snapshots of some blocks used to print it.

Thanks a lot to Paul and Valerie for the shop tour!

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2 Responses to “Tugboat Printshop Studio Tour”

  1. That has to be the cleanest printshop I’ve ever seen, and also beautiful. The aesthetic sense is not reserved for the prints only, is it? Was it cleaned up for your visit? I suspect it’s always closer to pristine than chaotic. Thanks for sharing. Drop by if you’re ever in Toronto.

  2. Jenn says:

    WOW! it’s about as quaint as i imagined! so well organized too.