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Recently I had the opportunity to spend a week printing at Artists Image Resource in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.The studio operates on a constantly evolving, largely non-hierarchical model. Staff and volunteers commingle in an environment that includes open studio hours, classes, professional art editioning, exhibitions, and more. The spirit of the studio is open as well, with an atmosphere that welcomes all comers: professional artists, high school students, radical printers, and even jokers like me. The following is a photo tour of the large, multi-tiered space.

open studio area

The physical footprint of AIR has grown along with its mission, and the workspace sprawls throughout several rooms on multiple floors. Much of the square footage is not even represented in these photos (including galleries, large workrooms, digital areas, storage areas, and office space). Seemingly this allows for greater flexibility in programming; multiple projects can happen simultaneously without conflict. Indeed, during my time there, the space seemed much busier than most non-profit art spaces I’ve encountered.

production area with screenprinted floor by Bill Fick

detail of floor

lithography and letterpress area

screenprinting area

Framing/archive area

archive area

OK, taxidermy, inkjet printers…wait, what’s that? …ENHANCE!

Printeresting in the house!

Lots more pictures after the break!

This is one of three gallery spaces at AIR (the others were in the process of installation):

More shots from throughout the various work spaces:

This may be the most comfortable large-format printer ever.

A couple more views of the archive area:

And lots more from the screenprinting area. This seems to be the central hub of activity:

Lastly, because I’m totally juvenile, here’s a photo from the restroom, which is gloriously festooned with print ephemera:
Thanks to everybody at AIR for a great experience.
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One Response to “Artists Image Resource Studio Tour”

  1. Tibi says:

    Yeah, AIR is a really special place — used to go there a lot when living in Pittsburgh. They also organize a couple of open houses/fundraisers each year where lots of prints are available for cheap, sometimes they have concerts there. They’ve started with just the first floor of a house, and, in time, extended to the upper floors (with the galleries) and also took over the house next door, which is now seamlessly integrated with the initial place.

    No reason to be ashamed, the restroom is impressive.