Geometry of Labor

In her latest installation, Geometry of Labor, Leslie Mutchler focuses on the multiplicity of print and the tension between economies of production and distribution. Made at Proyecto ‘ace and installed in-house at the Sala Políglota (a Proyecto ‘ace gallery space), the piece evolved from Mutchler’s interactions with the city of Buenos Aires. Taking cues from the mobile vendors at the San Telmo market and the high-end design stores in Palermo, the piece utilizes different modes of presentation to simulate retail space while at the same time, maintaining a connection to a workshop or place of creation.

Cardboard and white ink on chipboard serve as the “raw material.” About two hundred prints were pulled from one matrix, a woodblock featuring a triangle mesh pattern. Mutchler’s prints were cut, scored, and processed into a sprawling wall piece on one hand, and various small, tabletop objects on the other. In the center of the space, a stack of prints sit, unused building blocks full of potential. The rest of the installation, sawhorses and tables made of cardboard, create the sense of standing in a life-size maquette. They are props rather than actual work surfaces.

Regardless of geometry, the result of the labor is ephemeral. The exhibition is on view until Friday June 17th, at which point, the entire piece will be left out for the cartoneros to recycle. In this way the piece comes full cycle.

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