CB2/Kennedy Prints!

Amos Paul Kennedy, Jr., letterpress-artist extraordinaire and subject of the documentary Proceed and Be Bold!, has produced Accept and Be, a series of limited edition letterpress prints for Crate & Barrel’s trendier sister store, CB2. The print series celebrates Gay Pride Month (June) and the 1139 prints that Kennedy made for CB2 are a variable edition with changing colors and typographic layout. At a very reasonable price of $19.95, the 271 that were available for online purchase are sold out. If you absolutely have to have one, try a retail location.

The project is an interesting example of cottage industry (i.e. relatively small operation letterpress shop) meets big box chain retailer. While we aren’t exactly pro-corporate around Printeresting, it’s nice to see a company making what appear to be responsible decisions. With all the hoopla over Urban Outfitters lately, this appears to be a case of a company ethically working with an artist to spread a positive message.

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2 Responses to “CB2/Kennedy Prints!”

  1. Thank you for your kind words. cb2 was a pleasure to work with. And working with me is hard on people. They gave me the text, told me when they needed the posters then let me put ink on paper. They were the perfect Kennedy Prints! client.

    Dixie’s Prints Charming

    Yea, my new moniker. Given to me by the people at Southern Living.

  2. Jason Urban says:

    We’re just sorry we didn’t think to call you “Dixie’s Prints Charming” first. Southern Living is always beating us to the best taglines!