Hola, Buenos Aires: Cabaio/Stencil

Whether you think it’s ugly or beautiful, with few exceptions much of Buenos Aires is covered in marker, spray paint, and/or wheat pasted flyers. Of the three, I tend to be more interested in the stencilwork. I may have another post that gets into the more anonymous political stencils (there’s a presidential election coming up in Argentina) but in the mean time, I thought I’d share these larger stencil pieces by Cabaio/Stencil. Though I’ve seen his work in other parts of the city, these are all from from a few blocks in the Colegiales neighborhood. I wouldn’t know the artist’s name but he helped me out by stenciling a signature on the work (see below). You can see more of his stencils HERE.

Correction: This post contained some stencils of prairie dogs (?) that I mistaken attributed to Cabaio/Stencil. In fact, they are the work of Stencil Land.

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