Chicago’s MDW Art Fair

Ryan Duggan‘s screenprint Today, Tomorrow (2011), 30″ x 37.5″ at Johalla Projects

This weekend marked the opening of a new art fair in town, the MDW Fair (MDW as the code for Bridgeport’s nearby Midway Airport), situated in the beautiful Geolofts (3636 S. Iron Street). I scoured the three floors of booths for printeresting miscellany, and the photographs below will give you a small taste of the fair. The energy was high, the size of the fair was manageable, and overall it was an exciting event to witness.

The most active form of printmaking took place at Chicago Art Review‘s booth, with Philip von Zweck enthusiastically photocopying a two-day edition of over twenty original artworks (similar to Printeresting’s Copy Jam). By the end of the first day, the edition of all of the works stood at 415.

Take a look at loads more printmaking from the MDW Fair after the jump!

Philip von Zweck pulls a copy of a piece by Ryan Travis Christian and Eric Yahnker off of the copier.

Editioning the print.

Small presses and publishers had their own part of the fair. Above: Chad Kouri of the Post Family, and Angee Lennard of Spudnik Press.

Prints from Spudnik Press, including screenprints by Sanya Glisic, Onsmith, and Paul Nudd.

Martine Syms of Golden Age.

Hand-printed books from Golden Age.

This eerie film-to-digital print by Liz McCarthy at Roxaboxen Exhibitions caught my eye.

Detail of Jungle by Liz McCarthy.

For Chicago’s CSA (Community Supported Art) program, on the left is a screenprint by Edie Fake, 16th and Blue Island (2011). On the right is a print by Dan S. Wang, titled Specimen #2 (2011). It’s wood and metal type on Twinrocker handmade Patriot paper. Printed with 42 point New Gothic Condensed, 18 point Cheltenham Bold, 48 point Newport, 72 point Kabel Bold, 8 line Spartan Medium.

Sequential narrative etching by Casey Riordan Millard at Packer Schopf Gallery.

I spotted this fortuitous sign next-door to the fair as I was walking out.


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