CMYK and Letterpress Eggs for your Printmaking-Themed Egg Roll

Tomorrow is Easter, which means it’s time for Easter egg hunts, egg rolls, and a candy feast of jelly beans, marshmallow chicks, cream-filled eggs, and hollow chocolate bunnies. (And If you’re a practicing Christian, it’s also time to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.)

Printeresting has offered suggestions for innovative Easter egg decorating in the past, but if you find yourself without an Egg-Bot the night before the big egg roll, Martha Stewart’s got a few suggestions for spiffy, print-themed eggs. Both styles use vinyl adhesive tape and letters as stencils. Punch out a few circles to make the process color-inspired designs, or use a few layers of dye to make the faux “off-registered” eggs. Who would’ve thought Martha Stewart would have the scoop for printmaking-themed eggs?

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