SGCI/STL Equilibrium: Paneling

You can see the crowds gathered for Printhesis panel.

I love a good panel talk. But then again, I can remember planning a date where watching My Dinner with Andre was the big entertainment. Panels always seem to maintain a paradoxical position at the SGC conferences, how do we share ideas about art and theory when not in a bar? And how do we get the students attendees to willingly engage in this discourse? With an interesting combination of, framing big questions, a healthy dose of irreverence, real intellectual engagement, and when possible, rock star appeal, the Equilibrium conference seems to energized the panels we were able to attend. Nice work all around. Here’s a quick round-up of some of the more memorable.

Little Friends and Sonnenzimmer getting ready for their talks.

The mad frenzy when Sonnenzimmer announced a free poster for the first 50 folks to reach the pile. Printmakers are nothing if willing to scrap for free posters.

More panel pics after the jump.

Both talks set a new bar at SGC conferences for graphic and typographic design embodied with the lecture.

That’s Nick Butcher’s silhouette in the lower lefthand corner.

Kristen Bartel discussing Hotoff Press, a mobile screen-printing station built on a 1963 Schwinn. Bartel was on a panel organized by Mary Tasillo called Counterbalancing the News: Printmaking Takes on the Mainstream Media. Jordan Seiler was also on the panel.

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