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Welcome to the stately manor that is the St. Louis Artists’ Guild & Galleries, home to Printeresting’s curatorial effort, Past Present. About two miles from Washington University of St. Louis, the Guild is one of the oldest artists’ organizations west of the Mississippi and a suitable place to explore the relationship of contemporary artists to their historical predecessors. Our past curatorial efforts have focused on the ephemeral as in One Every Day and the spectacle as in 4×4 so we decided to go in a different direction for this one. While time is not a new subject for investigation, this is the first effort by Printeresting to look at historical context in exhibition form.

A big thanks to everyone who made it out for the reception! And another big thanks to the artists in the show and everyone who helped make the show possible especially Gina Alvarez who had the foresight to approach us about the show well over a year ago. The closing reception occurred last Thursday and turn-out was strong though the Guild is a little off the beaten path and we were competing with any number of other festivities. It was great to finally meet artists Phyllis McGibbon and Andrew Raftery in person.

We were busy schmoozing at the reception but we did snap off a few pics before things got started. Would have been nice to get pictures with actual people and we should have taken more images of the space which was really pretty amazing. Oh well.  Next time?

Also, not pictured is Projecto Lambe-Lambe’s giant rhino wheatpaste which was off-site.

Rob Carter’s amazing video Stone on Stone.

A room full of Andrew Raftery engravings (one pictured above) and Lothar Osterburg photogravures (one picture below).

Another room featuring work  by Estonian Peeter Allik (pictured above) and Phyllis McGibbon (featured below).

This baby would have been blazing if it weren’t for the unseasonably warm temperatures.

And if that’s not enough Past Present for you, you can read our curatorial statement at the Past Present project page or read our older posts here.

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