2011 Open Portfolio (Round 2)

This is the second of three posts dedicated to this year’s Open Portfolio sessions- one per round. See rounds ONE and THREE.

Richard Wenrich gets the Printeresting Best Use of a Portfolio for Self-Promotion Award! (For what that’s worth.)

The disclaimer from our Open Portfolio (Round 1) post applies here, too. This is only a small sampling of the work shown… there were plenty of great prints that aren’t pictured here.

Please add names and credits (and website links if possible) in the comments section. Thanks!

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14 Responses to “2011 Open Portfolio (Round 2)”

  1. I am the Be Nice and Work Hard print as well as the Yellow box dropping pixelated colorbands.

  2. I made the spiffily dressed batfro dude. Thanks Printeresting!

  3. Lenore Thomas says:

    The second one down in the far right column is Rob Hackett’s work from the University of Pittsburgh.

  4. Hooray! My Mexican mustachioed cats made it to Printeresting! They are in the colorful 4th to the last row.

    Michael Menchaca
    Texas State University

  5. Blake McAdow says:

    I made the prints with the pink rectangles/the man and cake going strange places. You’re awesome Printeresting!

  6. Adrian Chin says:

    The first one on the left on the second row is Dan Heskamp’s work and the eighth one down from the second row is Kim Fredericks’ work. Both from Northern Illinois

  7. fourth one down on the far right column is Erin Jackel of Murray State University

  8. and the woodcuts in the middle of the top row are mine. thanks for including my prints.

  9. And the third one down in the left column is Ericka Walker.

  10. Luca Cruzat says:

    Happily surprised, PRINTERESTING! Second row in the middle. Collagraphs. Thanks, Luca Cruzat.

  11. Sarah Pike says:

    Does anyone know how to get a hold of the Putz t-shirt printer?

  12. 5th row down 3rd print is Emmy Lingscheit, amazing print

  13. My work is the first one of this set- if you want to see more check out


    Thanks, Printeresting!

  14. Nate Kamp says:

    The houses in the middle of the 5th row would be me. AWESOME! Thanks printeresting!