A Visit To Globe Poster

As we indicated last week, Maryland Institute College of Art has arranged to acquire a significant collection of working letterpress and archival materials from Baltimore-based showcard printer Globe Poster. Last year Globe closed its doors after eighty years of producing vivid and distinctive posters for a wide range of performers, politicians, circuses, and the like. Thanks to the persistent efforts of a dedicated group of “Friends of Globe,” and a bold investment by MICA, the company’s unparalleled collection of materials will survive largely intact as a teaching resource at the school.

Yesterday I had a chance to tour Globe with owner Bob Cicero and Mary Mashburn, who played a significant role in finding Globe a new home. The shop was in a state of organized chaos, but the equipment and material was a sight to behold. A letterpress bigwig apparently described Globe as “King Tut’s Tomb.” Indeed, the scale of the wood type collection is nothing short of incredible.

More photos follow the jump, and even more in a separate post below.

Bob Cicero discusses the history of Globe. He marveled at the revival of enthusiasm for letterpress in recent years.

Intense colors and a remarkable team of artists and craftsmen allowed Globe to dominate the showcard market for many years.

Sex Machine!

Due to the volume of its operation, often producing dozens of posters in a day, Globe’s type stock was massive. Globe has so much type that much of it, amazingly, has never seen ink.

The collection also includes a vast array of cuts and other difficult-to-find material.

The official press release about the acquisition is here. As someone who teaches at MICA, I can say first-hand that the community is extremely excited about this major opportunity. Read more here in the coming months!

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5 Responses to “A Visit To Globe Poster”

  1. Luther says:

    I’m so glad this stuff is finding a home.

  2. Amze says:

    I second that. Great post!

  3. Carolyn says:

    Can you put a link to Friends of Globe? friendsofglobe.wordpress.com

    We’re going to be making a post about all of the sorting we are doing this week. Readers might want to check it out.

  4. Casey McGarr says:

    1) Very jealous
    2) Extremely excited for the students and the school
    3) Excellent preservation of a shop
    4) Can I can come up and give a workshop
    5) Still jealous
    6) I’ll do a victory dance down here in Arkansas for you guys

    Casey McGarr
    Inky Lips Press
    Jonesboro, AR

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