Printing for a Cause

Poster by Colin Matthes.

Most of us are watching events unfold in Wisconsin from a great distance but Nicolas Lampert and Colin Matthes of Justseeds are in the eye of the storm. The two have been screen-printing their support for unions non-stop and disseminating their images in Milwaukee and Madison. To paraphrase Lampert, the pair has a multi-prong distribution system:

-giving them out at demonstrations
-screening them on poster board for marching signs
-posting them inside the State Capital during the two week occupation
-posting them in local businesses’ store front windows
-dropping off stacks of prints at labor union buildings
-and disseminating images as free downloadable graphics HERE.

As most visitors of this site are painfully aware, there is a lot of lip service paid to “the political print.” Too often it’s framed in historic terms: the demo- yaaawwwwn -cratic artform. Something print used to be. This work (and much of the justseeds work in general) is a living, breathing example of print being employed for a cause of the day. While twitter and facebook may be amazing organizational tools, holding up your iPhone at a political rally to share a political graphic is less effective. That’s where old-fashioned paper and ink come in handy. Thanks for sharing, Nicolas. Plenty of pics after the jump.

Image by Nicolas Lampert

Poster by Colin Matthes.

Image by Nicolas Lampert.

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8 Responses to “Printing for a Cause”

  1. JT says:

    I’m sure some of the millions of dollars of damage done to the capital building is from the protesters taping these signs to the walls.

  2. The notion that protestors caused millions of dollars in damage to the State Capital interior is a farce. That was information stated by Walker supportors to attempt to make demonstators look bad. I spent countless hours in the Capital and all the signs were put up with blue tape and rope. Protestors swept the Capital every day and zero people were arrested during the course of a two week occupation. Turn off Fox News and side with working class people instead of corporations.

  3. C Abury says:

    There are a lot of printers in action in Madison, and some of their work is on display at The Project Lodge (

    Keep up the great work!

  4. JT says:

    I am a worker and a taxpayer, and I side with those who are paying these people who are presently not doing their jobs. The notion that these people are occupying the capital building and NOT doing damage is the farce. Anyone watching TV, with the likes of Michael Moore speaking to cheering crowds, can see how bad the protesters look. If you have better figures as to the cost of the damage, post them.

  5. PK says:

    How is this for your claim of millions of dollars of damage to the capitol? Pants on fire rating good enough for you JT?

  6. JT says:

    I should have specified an *unbiased* source.

    How about now?

  7. […] out an article about the Wisconsin Labor posters Nicolas Lampert and I have been making HERE. It is on Printeresting, one of the only blogs I consistently look […]

  8. JT is right, the government does not lie. If Governor Walker said there was $7.5 million in damages from tape residue, then every taxpayer must know that as the truth!!

    Here are some interesting Wisconsin Worker designs that were also posters. All PROGRESS Label, Wisconsin Workers shirts are union-made and printed with water-based inks by Offbeat Press in Oshkosh, WI