Brass Rule Labyrinth

Stumbled across this Brass Rule Labyrinth by Jens Jørgen Hansen on one of our favorite print tumblrs, fuckyeahprints. The actual printing surface is at least as beautiful as the prints themselves.

Is it possible that letterpress is actually experiencing its “golden age” now, decades after going out of mainstream use? Printeresting can’t even keep up with all the innovative uses of letterpress these days. The 9-to-5 letterpress printers of the last century couldn’t have predicted the design goldmine that their wood and metal type would someday become.

And speaking of tumblrs, if you have one that you think we should be following, send us an email and let us know. Or maybe add a link in the comments section of this post so our readers can check it out, too.

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10 Responses to “Brass Rule Labyrinth”

  1. i love this work, i leave here a link to my work, i hope u can check it out…. and give some comments about it…

  2. i love this work, i leave here a link to my work, i hope u can check it out…. and give some comments about it…

  3. I am in love. I can’t believe I have been a printmaker for 5-6 years and STILL havn’t used a letter press. As soon as I can now I am straight in the studio – this is so inspiring. Thanks for posting it

  4. another artist who is currently in NY, Bryan Baker makes beautiful prints as well, using playing dice to make beautiful prints.

  5. Nigel Davison says:

    Lovely work.

    The second volume of The Singing Line is being printed letterpress in Kent (UK). We’re casting ingots of type metal next Tuesday as first stage of the composition typecasting process.

  6. amze says:

    What great work!

  7. Jason Urban says:

    Thanks, Shaurya. We’re familiar with Mr. Baker’s work. We posted those about a year ago…
    and I liked them enough to spend some money. I’ve got one hanging in my living room!

  8. Keith Cross says:

    Got any close ups of how you fit that rule together so nicely? And the red rule too! Really cool. I will be sharing this with my class at Mass Art!

  9. henry says:

    so stoked on letterpress and this post. feel free to check out screened prints @ new print posted yesterday, more coming soon.

  10. kvh says:

    Ha. Funny.

    We bought that print, then posted it at, then reposted, and now it’s here.

    Hooray for the internet!

    Keith – you can find more photos on his flickr page here:, but not many closeups.