Viva Los Videos: Kakyoung Lee’s Amazing Drypoint Animation

Kakyoung Lee is a very talented artist working in print, drawing and illustration. Her animations, often produced through a very labor intensive drypoint process, are astoundingly beautiful. The mundane moments she depicts become elevated to a kind of sublime through her delicate hand and rigorous efforts.

Thanks to Jiha for bringing her work to our attention.

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Categories: Artwork

3 Responses to “Viva Los Videos: Kakyoung Lee’s Amazing Drypoint Animation”

  1. Oh yes- I saw these at one of the print fairs in NY this year. Maybe it was the EABF. They were really neat. I wonder if she sells the prints as artifacts as well?

  2. Sam Peck says:

    Loved this and am gonna share it with my multi-media print class next semester as an idea to experiement with.

  3. Luther says:

    yes they were at the EAB fair at Michael Steinberg. His booth was next to mine and I had to listen to the audio for 3 days. I got used to it.