IPCNY: 10 Years of Amazing

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The International Print Center of New York (IPCNY) opened ten years ago in a modest Chelsea gallery space. A long-shot of an idea made-real by the passion of it’s director, Anne Coffin. Working with a small staff, and a dedicated Advisory Council & Board of Trustees (whose line-up reads like the index out of contemporary art book), Coffin has successfully built a space and organization know for their hip, scholarly print exhibitions in the center of the New York art world. The describe their project,

International Print Center New York was established in Chelsea in September 2000 as the first and only non-profit institution devoted solely to the exhibition and understanding of fine art prints. IPCNY fosters a climate for enjoyment, examination and serious study of artists’ prints from the old master to the contemporary. IPCNY nurtures the growth of new audiences for the visual arts while serving the print community through exhibitions, publications, and educational programs.

While most of us spent the past decade re-arranging our Netflix que, the folks at the IPCNY have been busy. The short list includes, organizing 53 exhibitions, including 36 New Prints exhibitions, including over 1000 artists, 22 touring exhibits to second venues, 2 museum scale touring exhibitions, 2 scholarly catalogues and dozens of exhibition brochures, and many more tangibles and intangible dividends.

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Not one to miss an opportunity to throw a year long party, the IPCNY is celebrating their 10 year anniversary with a fun schedule of exhibitions and events. A big component in the 10 year anniversary celebrations is the New Prints 2009/10 A Benefit Exhibition and Silent Auction. With over 140 prints donated by artists included in the New Prints series over the last two years, with additional donations from noteworthy artists like, Enrique Chagoya (see below), Jasper Johns, Ellsworth Kelly, Philip Pearlstein, June Wayne, Terry Winters and many more. New Prints 2009/10 stands on it’s own as a compelling exhibition, but it has the added holiday shopping bonus of being a benefit auction. If you were looking for that limited edition art object for your special person look no further.

BONUS ALERT! Out of appreciation to our readership the IPCNY is offering a FREE IPCNY 10th Anniversary Season Membership (2010/11) when you make a Benefit Auction purchase and mention this Printeresting post (a $100 value!! Who knew?).  For a full run-down of membership benefits follow this link. Please note the exhibition and auction end the 18th of December.

Chagoya 10th ann. Benefit Print.jpg

10th Anniversary benefit print, Return to Goya No. 9, by Enrique Chagoya, donated by the artist and Universal Limited Art Editions.

Follow the jump to see lots of great prints, views from two recent exhibitions and to hear more about the IPCNY.

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Openings at the IPCNY are always a crowded affair and a good place to meet a slice of the art world concerned with what’s happening in print.

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The New Prints series has become something of an instition and really deserves some credit for the way print artists have infiltrated the larger art world. On the surface series is a no-fee juried exhibition, but it has a few noteworthy distinctions. The Jurors represent a broad range of artists, curators and art historians, all experts in the field in some way. And the shows they adjudicate are alway startling in the calibre and breadth of artists represented, it’s not uncommon to see work by a talented graduate student hanging on the wall next to whitney biennial artist. For many emerging artists the New Prints series represents their first opportunity to show their prints in New York.

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The IPCNY’s scholarly and historic exhibitions are always worth the trip. Two that are very present in my memory are the Seeing God in Prints: Indian Lithographs from the Collection of Mark Baron and Elise Boisanté and Traces and Traditions: Vietnamese Woodblock Prints. Both were startlingly beautiful exhibitions that exposed me to work I had never seen in person, not to mention confirming the international reach of the IPCNY.

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Below are some close-ups of work from the exhbition/auction.

auction donation Ruscha_Ed.jpg

Ed Ruscha

auction donation Winters_Terry_small.jpg

Terry Winters

auction Hougen_Erik.JPG

Erik Hougen

auction Johns_Jasper.jpg

Jasper Johns

auction Kozlowski_Andrew.jpg

Andy Kozlowski

auction Lazorko_Tony.jpg

Tony Lazorko

auction Pettibon_Raymond.JPG

Raymond Pettibon

auction Poskovic_Endi.jpg

Endi Poskovic

The IPCNY started off their 10th Anniversary season with the Emerging Images Exhibition: The Creative Process in Prints. The remarkable print curator, Wendy Weitman organized the exhibition. Weitman described the exhibition as:

One of the more fascinating aspects of printmaking is the flexibility for experimentation that it offers an artist, something unattainable in drawing or painting. Artists from Rembrandt to Johns have explored the intricacies of printed art.  Changing ink colors, re-using matrices, and recording the evolution of an image are a few of the unique features of printmaking that artists continue to play with today.  These distinctive aspects of the medium remain a vital outlet for contemporary artistic thinking and a source for exciting experimentation and creative inquiry.  Watching artists work in this manner provides an intriguing glimpse into the aesthetic process….

This smart arrangement of historical and contemporary artwork within a critical process-oriented framework is typical of the kind of exciting exhibitions we have come to expect over the last decade from the IPCNY.

emerging images IPCNY opening_4.jpg

emerging images IPCNY opening_1.jpg
emerging images IPCNY opening_2.jpg
emerging images IPCNY opening_3.jpg
The Emerging Images show, like many of the IPCNY’s recent exhibitions has toured, the images below are from the Phillips de Pury Installation.

emerging images at phillips_2.jpg

emerging images at phillips_3.jpg

emerging images at phillips.jpg

Thank you IPCNY for a great decade in service to the print community.

We are look forward to many more!

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