Printeresting+AS220=Clarke Curtis

Printeresting+ is the new publishing arm of Printeresting. Collaboration is at the core of Printeresting+. The idea is to team-up with various print shops around the country (and maybe even around the world) to produce works we believe in.

Our first collaborators are AS220 Printshop in Providence, RI, hence Printeresting+AS220! In keeping with AS220’s mission of accessibility, we offered an open call for submissions. Any artist had a fair shot at this opportunity, and we had a ton of great work to cull thorough. It wasn’t easy, but ultimately we decided that Clarke Curtis was the right match. You may recognize his work from this post we did back in March. Clarke usually deploys intaglio techniques to produce his print/collages, so we were excited at the possibility of translating his aesthetic into screenprinting.

Clarke Curtis’ silkscreen, Haute Helping Hands, is produced in an edition of 50 on Yupo. They are FOR SALE. The price is $45 (+S&H) but we’ve decided to sell the first twenty for just $30 (+S&H). Once we recuperate our costs, the proceeds will be divided into thirds: 1/3 for Printeresting, 1/3 for AS220, and 1/3 for Curtis. If you buy a print for yourself or someone else (the holiday season is upon us), you get an awesome print, but you also get to sleep soundly knowing you supported a website you love, a printshop that has a huge impact on its regional community, and an individual artist who can always use a few extra bucks. It’s a win-win-win-win.


Clarke Curtis, Haute Helping Hands, Silkscreen on Yupo Paper, 26″x20″, 2010, Edition Size: 50. Click on HERE for larger version.

Clarke Curtis BIO: Clarke Curtis was born and raised in Eugene, OR surrounded by trees and a cemetery.  His teenage years were spent in Austin, TX where suburban culture was ever-present.  He spent his undergraduate years in Cleveland, OH living with random cats and paying rent to slumlords while attending the Cleveland Institute of Art.  He moved to Clemson, SC to receive his Masters of Fine Art at Clemson University and lived alone for the first time in his life. He now resides in Austin, TX, where he has a studio space and is learning how to make artwork outside of academia.

Artist Clarke Curtis diligently signing piles of prints.

Next week, we’ll post a Clarke Curtis studio visit, so keep an eye out for it.

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4 Responses to “Printeresting+AS220=Clarke Curtis”

  1. These are great! I love the patterns. I will have to see if we can get one for our new residency 🙂 Great work everyone!!

  2. We’re based in Leicester City in the UK and would love to be involved. We’re 25 years old next year and an international collaboration would be a great way to celebrate.

  3. Marty Epp-Carter says:

    So great to see my buddy here. Way to go Clarke. Well deserved choice by Prntrstng+ and what a great image.

  4. […] of the serendipitous things about the Printeresting+AS220 collaboration was that while we had never met before, Clarke Curtis and I both live in Austin, TX. […]