The Print Center’s Fall Triple Threat 3: Isaac Tin Wei Lin


The Third exhibition in the Print Center‘s fall printmaking blitz is One of Us, a solo exhibition by Isaac Tin Wei Lin. A Philadelphia-based artist Isaac Tin Wei Lin’s recognizable calligraphic drawings have been seen on a range walls and galleries around the city in recent years, and it always makes me happy. His work exhibits a complex combination of mad, intuitive energy, street art cred, and art historical/visual cultural reference points (islamic caligraphy and vintage cartoons to name a few).

This is my third attempt at writing something coherent about this exhibit. To expedite the process I’ll dump all pretext of clever or critical discourse. Let me just say the following, the gallery is full of giant cartoon cats and the walls are covered with seizure inducing 3-D screen printed wall paper, and it is probably the craziest thing I’ve seen in a long time.


Many more pictures after the jump.



The framed work are examples of Tin Wei Lin’s calligraphic drawings. Detail below.


A close up of the 3-D wallpaper.


The glasses needed to begin the trip.


Turn your screen on it’s side and stare very hard into the next two images and you’ll be able to see the 3-D effect.. or in failing that you will get a wicked headache.








Above is the large mural that frames the work.


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