Linotype: The Film

GUEST POST by Sage Dawson of MAP MINT.

This documentary, currently in production and scheduled for release fall 2011, remembers the long forgotten Linotype typecasting machine invented by Ottmar Mergenthaler. While revolutionary during its time, it became obsolete as newer, faster technologies became available. Hailed by one printing enthusiast as “one of the most complicated machines I’ve ever seen,” few remain today because most were eventually melted down as scrap metal. Linotype: The Film shares this history, as well as interviews from those who work to protect this unique machine from extinction.

Director & Editor: Doug Wilson, Director of Photography: Brandon Goodwin, Audio & Sound Design: Jess Heugel.

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3 Responses to “Linotype: The Film”

  1. Tim Trower says:

    This has been a fascinating project to be a part of; this past week, thee director of the movie (also a printer) has been printing promotional material at my print shop (where the Linotype pictured above is located) and tells me that tomorrow or Thursday should be the launch of a revamped website and much longer trailer.

    We operate two Linotypes at my print shop, White Star Service Company; they are a 1948 Model 5 machine — which was used in the film, and a 1954 Model 33. Both are still great machines to run, and yes — they are indeed one of the most complicated machines that I’ve ever seen!

  2. Lou W says:

    Thanks for this great film and the project. I set up type thatwas hot off a linotype in a small print shop in South Texas in the late 50’s, early 60’s. We printed a local newspaper as well as posters, death notices, etc. I carried the hot slugs of fresh type from the lino to the chases where my cousin and locked them into place. I have never, in 64 years, done anything that I enjoyed more. I can still hear the noise of the machine, the smell of hot lead and see the big presses in the back of the shop… I wonder where that Linotype is today?? LVW in Dallas.

  3. Sage says:

    Wow Lou, thanks for sharing about the experience!