…And then some: IFPDA Preview, NYC Print Week 2010

A guest post by Ariel Zakarison.

This year’s preview of the IFPDA print fair, held beneath the high ceilings of the Park Avenue Armory in Manhattan, was a spectacle of nearly every type of print media imaginable (as well as dealers and collectors thereof).  Galleries from Zurich to Madison numbered among the over 80 diverse exhibitors displaying their collections.  The range of work spanned several centuries, with an impressive balance of the traditional with the experimental and contemporary.  Below are some, but by no means all, of the highlights from the show. Click on any of the pictures for larger versions.

Mel Bochner’s boisterous and colorful panels Bla, Bla Bla, and Head Honcho were the first to meet the eye at the entrance to the Armory floor

Auguries, a 12-panel aquatint and spit bite by Julie Mehretu

William Kentridge

Rare Edvard Munch color lithographs from the early 20th

Constructivist lithographs from the Proun series by El Lissitzky, alongside work by Lazslo Moholy-Nagy

Anne Hamilton’  Ciliary, comprised of lithography, fabric, bamboo and hardwood, with recent etchings by Richard Serra (bringing his understated dark tones to printmaking) in the background

John Baldessari’s A B C Art (Low Relief_: A/Ant, Etc. (Keyboard) “mixographia” from Mixografia’s display

Kiki Smith works with Tamarind and glitter in her 2010 5 color lithograph entitled Afternoon

Gorgeous, soft etchings by Hugo Wilson

Delicate and striking combination of photogravure and relief by Judy Pfaff, published by Tandem Press

Of course the photographs hardly do justice to these prints, and there is much more to be seen if you are able to attend the fair.  This year’s offering is staggering.

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4 Responses to “…And then some: IFPDA Preview, NYC Print Week 2010”

  1. Luther says:

    As much as I love the IFPDA fair, and really love Prints Gone Wild. I’m sad that the EAB fair didn’t get a mention this year. That’s where I was. And Amze had prints in two different booths at EAB.

  2. Jason Urban says:

    It wasn’t a dis on E/AB, Luther, it’s just that we can only do so much. Actually, since none of were in New York for the festivities, we’re happy to have any coverage at all. Ariel was kind enough to cover the IFPDA Preview and PGW (but couldn’t cover E/AB cause she was at PGW). We’ll be there in force next year (I hope).

  3. Luther says:

    I know it wasn’t a dis. Bust weekend for all I know.