Animating Sonnenzimmer

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of Chicago-based poster-making duo Sonnenzimmer. They’re always shaking things up in new ways. Their soon-to-be-released poster for Chicago’s Eyeworks Festival of Experimental Animation is a case study in cross-disciplinary synergy and is another example of their innovention. Using 200 silkscreened posters in a variable edition, Nick and Nadine from Sonnenzimmer worked with with artist/festival organizers Lilli Carre and Alexander Stewart to make this animated poster to promote the festival…

According to their website…

Of all the printing techniques out there, screen printing is actually really well suited for such a thing. The paper isn’t locked in place, allowing elements to be printed in various locations throughout the print run, the ink is regulated by hand, allowing color changes, and the nature of a screen itself, allows for blocking portions of the image easily. Using these techniques we created a run of 200 posters, all with slight variations, culminating in the animation above.

And you can read more about the project HERE.

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