Medium is the Message with BP Oil Prints


The Oil and Water Don’t Mix poster was a project published by Happiness Brussels with design work by Anthony Burrill. Produced in an edition of 200 and printed with actual oil from the Deep Water Horizon Disaster, these prints are a great synergy of medium and message. Benefits from the sale of the edition go to the non-profit Coalition to Restore Costal Louisana. Read more about this interesting project here.

More pictures after the jump.

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5 Responses to “Medium is the Message with BP Oil Prints”

  1. Luther says:

    Great use of materials and concept. Spinning gold outta some serious crap.

  2. andymac says:

    Really demonstrates (a) you can screenprint just about anything, and (b) Purplemonkey got the goo.

  3. Luther says:

    Andy knows a lot about monkeys and goo. Oh and screenprinting as well.

  4. splitflexi says:

    I wonder how they modified this to sit on paper without simply bleeding throughout the whole sheet, as you would expect a non-drying oil to do. Did they use it as a “pigment” and add it to a vehicle? Anyone know? Beautiful color actually…