‘More Print Studios, Please

Yesterday there was a much-anticipated opening reception for Baltimore Print Studios, a new public access print studio. Longtime friend of Printeresting Kyle Van Horn opened the studio doors after months of building a space (and years collecting equipment). The event was energetic, with excited visitors participating in demonstrations of letterpress and screenprint techniques. And some special friends provided a spectacular centerpiece:

Now that’s a cake!

This type of community resource will be more necessary as enthusiasm for printmaking continues to grow. Don’t have a studio in your neck of the woods? Why not make one? Every print-head on the Internet is willing to help you (unless you’re bidding on the same Vandercook).

Lots of photos after the jump and a few at the Printeresting Notebook, too. Also check out photos on the BPS website and on Flickr.

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6 Responses to “‘More Print Studios, Please”

  1. Amze says:

    Yeah! What a great shop. Congratulations to KVH and his crew on all their hard work.

  2. KH says:

    Congratulations! Looks wonderful! 🙂

  3. diyan says:

    Congratulations! Looks amazing. Will have to stop by next time I am in B-more

  4. Joe Hudak says:

    Luscious. Can’t wait to stop in and see it.

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