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The Levi’s Printmaking Workshop rolls eastward from San Francisco, and I continue to follow this curious project with interest. (You can follow along too, at the official blog.)

The central conceit of this ad campaign has a certain logic. Recent years have seen renewed interest in many traditional crafts: knitting, preserving vegetables, and, of course, letterpress printing. Real work is worthwhile, and good ol’ Levi’s are about real work.

So now that you’re willing to get your hands dirty, go to and buy this form-fitting sleeveless denim vest.

But I’m still curious about the campaign’s real dividends for the corporation. For instance, this well-produced and interesting video is more about The Post Family than about their work with Levi’s:

YouTube Preview Image

So is this going to sell jeans? I imagine Levi’s must care, but I really don’t. If this is the new shape of public relations, I want to see more.

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3 Responses to “More About Levi’s”

  1. James says:

    The dividends for Levi’s Corp comes from their alignment with a creative subculture. If they can associate their brand with the hip kids, then the jeans will sell themselves without even mentioning them. It’s an “authentic” lifestyle brand effort for a very skeptical crowd.

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