Announcing Printeresting+! Yes, that’s Printeresting PLUS —the first ever Printeresting publishing venture!!

We have bounced around publishing ideas for almost as long as there’s been a Printeresting. Finally, we have a plan. For our first effort, we’re teaming up with our friends at the Providence printshop AS220 to publish an edition of prints. Hence, Printeresting+AS220. To kick-start this ongoing venture, we decided to announce an open call for submissions. Anyone can apply!

“What are you talking about, Printeresting?”
In Printmaking’s long history, there have often been publishers who act as impresarios, go-betweens and financial backers, placing an artist with a print studio or master printer to create prints. Think of us as Russel Simmons, Dr. Dre or Phil Spector… on second thought, scratch that. Just remember that Printeresting and AS220 are accepting submissions from you, our readers.

Do you have an image, concept, idea, design, graphic, or some relational thingamajig that would make an interesting print edition? Send us your idea and perhaps your project will be chosen. The winning selection will be produced by us and printed at AS220.

The published print will be a screen print, so please design for screenprint. We don’t want to put any constraint on your creativity, but keep in mind our limited resources as you develop your idea. For example, there is no strict limit on the number of individual print runs, but a submission that would require an unreasonable number probably won’t be chosen. The editors of Printeresting will choose the submission that best fits our collective aesthetic and the available resources of the AS220 Printshop. Once we announce the winning submission, we’ll work out the logistics of the process with the selected artist. The actual edition size will be determined in consultation with the selected artist, but will likely be somewhere in the range of 50-100.

The Deadline: October 20

The Submissions:
– We will accept digital submissions as PDF or JPG files (we may require another format when it comes time to print). Submissions can be preliminary ideas, or fully realized images complete with breakdowns of individual print runs.
– Also include a link to a website where additional images of your work can be seen, to provide a greater context to your submission.
– Provide an email address and phone number where you can be reached (No contact information will be made public, shared, or sold at any time).

The Fine Print:
When the print is completed, we intend to make the edition available to potential collectors through various channels, including the Printeresting site. Funds from these sales will be used first to recuperate the expense of publishing the edition. Any profits made from the sale of the edition will be split three ways, with equal parts going to the artist, publisher and printer (the selected artist/Printeresting/AS220).  Send ideas to:

While in the future we may work with AS220 again, we hope to work with other shops, too. Printeresting+(insert any shop here).
We like to think of our site as a crossroads of different interests, and hopefully this ongoing project will reflect that.

So send us your proposals!

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11 Responses to “Printeresting+AS220”

  1. Evan Summer says:

    GREAT IDEA! Best of luck with your venture.

  2. Meg Turner says:

    yay! as220 printshop rules. best of luck making and selling.

  3. I love AS220! That’s where I first learned how to print!

  4. I like to submit my original painting about Freedom.
    Pleale let me know how I can attach my picture?

    Have a nice day


  5. This is great. I love this Idea and I will send you the picture of my original, which is about freedom.The topic discussion of the whole word.

    Have a nice day

    Sima. 310-2134921

  6. […] at AS220‘s printshop in good ol’ Providence. Anyone can apply– so head on over to check out the guidelines. Then get those thinking caps on… might be a good way to spend these rainy days. Deadline for […]

  7. Ivo F Raic says:

    Hi, I’m interesting about possible cooperation, but I have a problem with my bad English. Will yuo see my website and suggest me what we can do.I’m resident and in Settle every years I spend 2-4 Months, this time I’ll be here till December 02. I have a lot off computer graphics and good art photagraphs, also cca 40 oil on canvas and watercolors here in Seattle.
    Thank you for your time and all the best,regards Ivo

  8. Terry says:

    Hi is there any specific brief for this competition? can someone in Australia ebter or is it only US citizens?

  9. Terry says:

    Soryy i ment….

    ‘in Australia ebter or is it only US citizens?’

  10. thomas says:

    can this print-edition be a book?
    Thank you,