Print Summit 2010

This time last week, I was leaving Greenville North Carolina, having just attended East Carolina University’s Print Summit 2010. The University’s  Printmaking Department organized the event, described as a “three day symposium consisting of exhibitions, lectures, demonstrations celebrating the diversity of contemporary printmaking media.”

And diverse it was. Presentations included dimensional print assembly by Michael Loderstedt, engraving techniques by Oscar Gillespie, collaborative screenprinting by Satan’s Camaro, a five-day public wheatpasting project by Chip Thomas, and a poetic but provocative lecture by Karen Kunc. The Summit also featured conference mainstays like a student portfolio viewing and plenty of shop talk. The small, relaxed gathering was a welcome departure from larger events of its kind.

I was especially interested in the event’s centerpiece exhibition, “A Survey of Contemporary Printmaking.” ECU Professors Matt Egan and Michael Ehlbeck chose several artists for the show, some of whom were also asked to select additional artists for inclusion. The five co-curators were Rochelle Toner, Beth Grabowski, Bill Fick, Matt Rebholz, and, for some reason, me! The range of the curatorial panel made this exhibit one of the most expansive print shows that I’ve seen. Indeed, each of us seemed to concur that the vitality of printmaking derives from its diversity and inclusivity.

You can see more gallery views of the Survey of Contemporary Printmaking on Printeresting Notebook. And the organizers were kind enough to provide me with some images to share with our readers. For image details, click the thumbnails below; click through for larger images.

This is just a selection; there was even more great work in the show. Thanks to everyone at East Carolina University for organizing this remarkable event!

NOTE: I did my best to attribute all the photos accurately, if you spot an error please leave a comment or contact me directly at RL@PRINTERESTING.ORG.

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