Printmaking Residency in Guanlan, China

A Guest Post by Evan Summer

Guanlan Print Original Industry Base in Guanlan, China. Workshop areas for etching, lithography, silkscreen and woodcut are on the first floor, individual studios on the second.

In May and June 2010 I was an Artist in Residence at the Guanlan Print Original Industry Base in Guanlan, China. After participating in the 2007 and 2009 Guanlan Biennial Print Exhibitions, they invited me to be an artist in residence. I’ve never traveled much but knew I’d regret it if I didn’t take advantage of this opportunity.

The residencies are usually between three weeks and three months. During that time artists are expected to produce prints in any of the four standard areas: etching, serigraphy, lithography and relief. They are provided with studios, basic supplies, 24/7 access to the workshop and the help of technicians.

Requirements are flexible but resident artists usually produce prints that are printed in editions of 30 by the technicians.

This is West Village, a 300-year old Hakka village where artists live during their stay.

The artists are provided food and housing in the nearby 300 year old Hakka Village. The Chinese government has essentially created a printmaking village with the idea of making Guanlan a major center of printmaking. Frequently foreign and Chinese  artists from outside the area visit the workshop. They are often given tours by Mr. Li Kang and Mr. Zhao Jiachun, the administrators who organize residencies and work with artists. There are studios, galleries, exhibition spaces and framers, as well as a coffee shop and post office in the village.

Guanlan is in southern China, not far from Hong Kong. It is very close to the famous Mission Hills Golf Course and city of Shenzhen, itself a major center with a population greater than that of New York.

Some working proofs hanging in Guanlan studio space.

This is one of their giant rolls of Rives BFK with their own watermark. A new roll weighs 433 kg and the paper is 120 x 120,000 cm! The print on the table is by Simon Zsolt.Shenzhen is very close to Guanlan – in fact it’s hard to tell when you’re leaving Guanlan and entering Shenzhen. 30 years ago it was a fishing village but now it has a larger population than New York.House of Lines, one of four etchings developed at the residency.

In May they had a printmaking festival. In this picture I’m surrounded by Chinese printmakers I met there.

Manuel Lau was visiting from Montreal. His prints had holes burned in them and were stitched together.

Michael Goro was the only other printmaker from the United States there during my visit in May and June, 2010.

Zhu Aiping was one of several Chinese artists at the workshop, here mixing inks for his screen prints.

Landscape XLIX, another etching produced while in Guanlan.

If you’d like to read/see more about the Guanlan Print Original Industry Base, here are links to two more sources. The first is a set of photos at China Radio International and the second is an article at urbanatomy.

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24 Responses to “Printmaking Residency in Guanlan, China”

  1. Evan,
    Thanks for reporting on your stay in such an amazing place. It seems China in it’s great leap forward has not forgotten the ancient arts she gave birth to, like printmaking. I wonder do they have a fireworks residency someplace in China?

  2. Luther says:

    Great post. That has to be one of the most beautiful and compelling facilities I’ve seen.

  3. Kristin says:

    What an amazing experience!
    It looks like a great place to be creative and have the gear to do it-
    Love that roll of paper especially…

  4. Luther says:

    Yes, that roll of paper literally made my eyes bug out.

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  6. Terry Rose says:

    Hello, I would be very interested in a residency. I visited China in 2006 and wish to return and create new work, especially prints. I live in the Boston area of Massachusetts, USA. A painting of mine is installed in the Shangri La Hotel, Guangzhou and I also have work elsewhere in China which may be viewed on my website.

    At your convenience, please view my work on the website

    The image on my home page is one of a new series of monotypes.

    Thank you in advance for your consideration,

    Terry Rose

  7. duilio lopez says:

    I wish to participate in your workshops. What are the costs and which periods are available?
    Duilio Lopez

  8. farzana ahmed urmi says:

    i am an artist form Bangladesh .can i join in ur residency program. in which time it is available. and how much costs it will take …

  9. Prathap Modi says:

    I am prathap modi from India ,I wish to Join in your residency .I dont know how i can do that ,can you please let me now when i can apply for this residency

    thank you

    prathap modi

  10. Atif Khan says:

    What an amazing printmaking workshop. It must be a very exciting eperience!!!
    Could you please inform me about the details that how can one join it ?…the costs and the deadlines etc. ?

  11. sanjay kumar says:

    i want to participate in print makers residency

  12. I will like to join your residency in the coming year. I’m a printmaker and I like to experiment during with printmaking studio working. Could you please let me know the procedure for the application and if there is any support I am looking forward to hear from you. thanks

    my mail:

  13. FRED MUTEBI says:

    Good work.would want to visit

  14. Beth says:

    Hello, can you please email me details about applying for the residency program, or information about visiting the workshop.

  15. Dear sir/madam,

    I am a contemporary artist from South Africa and would really like to apply for a residency at your institution. I have been doing international residencies since 1994. These include the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris (8 residencies), The Frans Masereel Centrum, Belgium (2 residencies), The Ampersand Foundation Fellowship, NYC, The Halka Art Project, Istanbul, and am about to go to the Venice print studio for large format printmaking in Italy. Please can you email me your requirements and application forms as it is a life dream to come to China…

    Kind regards,
    Christiaan Diedericks.

  16. DARJI SUNIL says:

    I am a printmaker and teaching printmaking in university in india, i would like to join the residency in Guanlan, kindly mail me the prosidure for the same.
    thank you.

    Sunil Darji

  17. ANJALI GOEL says:

    I am an contemporary artist from India would really like to apply for the residency at your Institute .please send me the details how i can apply for the same…
    Anjali GOEL

  18. Thanks for the invitation to submit works for the biennial.I am a printmaker from Cairns, Queensland about to go to Chiang Mai for a residency for 2013 and would love to be in GuanLan , China in 2014. I
    What is the process and where should I apply.
    Best regards
    Dr Sasi Victoire

  19. I am prasad from (mumbai) india ,I wish to Join in your residency .I dont know how i can do that ,can you please let me now when i can apply for this residency.

  20. Dear Evan,
    I will be a resident at Guanlan print Base in June this year. Just wondering should I take my own etching plates with me, or do they have them there?
    How much assistance is given with lithography?
    best wishes Jan

  21. sanjay kumar says:

    how i can join the residency. i m an indian printmaker.

  22. sanjay kumar says:

    how can i join the residency? please send the details

  23. Tory Richards says:

    I am very interested in understanding the application criteria for a residency/workshop. Would you kindly provide a link way to understanding more about this. Thanks, Tory

  24. sanjay kumar says:

    I will like to join your residency in the coming year. I’m an printmaker from india and I like to experiment during with printmaking studio working. Could you please let me know the procedure for the application and if there is any support I am looking forward to hear from you. thanks