Copy Jam! at the Printers’ Ball

Thanks to everyone who came out on Friday for our Copy Jam! at the Printers’ Ball in Chicago. Some of the artists on the scene included Judge, Temporary Services, Jimmy Luu, Chad Kouri, Leslie Mutchler, and Jena Osman. A big thanks to all fifty artists who contributed work to Copy Jam! as well as our support crew (you know who you are), and Fred, April, and all the people at Poetry and Columbia College who made the Printers’ Ball happen. It was a crazy, busy night- this time around we made more than 500 copies!

We’ll be posting stuff throughout the week- a shop tour at the Columbia College Center for the Book, a walking tour of Printers Row, and other assorted miscellany. But for now, here are some pictures of Copy Jam! 2 (click for larger images).

SuperKonductor‘s Gimme.

Sean Kuhnke

Jimmy Luu working the QR code.

Our workhorse for the night.

Look for the Copy Jam! red stamp of authenticity.

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3 Responses to “Copy Jam! at the Printers’ Ball”

  1. That looks like so much fun! Y’all need to bring that party on the road to Dallas. 🙂

  2. […] was full of take-away printed matter, free booze, and loud music (not to mention the sweet sound of one hard workin’ copying machine). Upper floors featured various demonstrations related to letterpress printing, book arts, and […]

  3. […] getting. Last Friday, during our all nighter, the folks from held their second Copy Jam during the Printer’s Ball in Chicago. Shortly after meeting them at SGC in Philadelphia last March, they contacted me and […]