Dispatches from China: Looking for Printed Matter at the 2010 Expo (Part 2)

Iceland wasn’t the only country using printing technologies to augment their World Expo pavilion. The idea behind Estonia‘s patterned design was that the “pavilion will be literally clad in bright folk costume, distinct from other Nordic pavilions with their more modest shade of colour.” It was if the whole building was enveloped in a layer of disruptive camouflage…

Here’s a close up of the pattern showing its references to folk traditions.

We all know Estonia loves printmaking, right? They didn’t just print their facade; they even had a traditional print exhibition inside of the building. But here’s the rub… it was in their VIP lounge. Entry denied! They kicked me and my makeshift Printeresting press pass to the proverbial curb!*

So close…

A long line of Expo-goers waiting to get into the Estonian pavilion.

*In truth, I didn’t even have a makeshift press pass. The door was locked and no one was around so I left of my own accord.

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One Response to “Dispatches from China: Looking for Printed Matter at the 2010 Expo (Part 2)”

  1. Wow, that is probably one of the freshest Building designs I’ve seen yet!