Simple Stuff

How did I miss these print ads for Simple Shoes from last year?

These aren’t just production shots of a dude using the famed “look-how-big-my-poster-is” style of poster presentation. This is exactly how these ads were published in magazines.

This is clearly an attempt to appropriate street cred from printmaking. But are these real screenprints or clever gaffs?


UPDATE: They’re real, and they’re spectacular! See the comments section for details.

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7 Responses to “Simple Stuff”

  1. Elizabeth Corkery says:

    they are real screenprints!!
    They were published at my friend Mark Herschede’s print studio; Haven Press in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.
    It was organized through ad agency, JWT Art Buyer Cheryl Masaitis. We love when we get to actually do interesting projects in advertising!

  2. RL Tillman says:

    Nice! Thanks for the info Elizabeth. Glad to hear JWT & Simple Shoes are ‘keeping it real.’

  3. Yeah, as liz said, FYI these are real screenprints.
    They pulled over 3,000 squeegee floods in the course of about a weekends worth of time, with a team of 5 people. I had to burn about 60 screens to provide them with the bank of images they forwarded for the project.
    Each print was a unique monoprint and the project involved some serious planning on the part of the creative team at JWT, and some serious work by me in my one-man shop.
    Another neat aspect- in keeping with Simple Shoes ideology, we wanted to use a printing technology that was ‘reclaimable’, materials that were, when possible, recycled, recyclable, or re-usable- so the paper was all windpower produced, recycled neenah and recycled newsprint, and the inks were all water-phase (as per usual business).

    I’m glad someone in the print world noticed them!


  4. (I should also note that a job like theirs helped to fund the operational budget of my printshop in some very tough times!)

  5. Jason Urban says:

    This is a really cool project, Mark. I’m a big advocate for blurring the line between art and design. On a side note, I never in my life thought the Dillard’s logo would make it into a Printeresting post!

  6. RL Tillman says:

    So Mark, here’s my second question: who’s hiding behind the poster?

    Is it somebody involved in production? Somebody from Simple Shoes?

    Or is it a qualified member of the Print Advertisement Models’ Union?

  7. Nikol says:

    It’s sad that this company run out of the business in 2011… Anyway, I like you creativity and pictures. I really love SIMPLE shoes because of their ECO-friendly materials. You could read my review about this brand –