Straight to Take

Punishing Prints is a recent exhibition by Sean Kuhnke and Bryan Jabs at Reference Gallery in Richmond, VA and is an “experiment in social interaction with printed media, aiming to examine peoples’ relationship with printed material as well as examine its role in public space.” More from their statement…

In each month of our Fall 2009 semester we anonymously posted an edition of 30 screen prints in the two buildings we attended classes in. We did not edition, number or sign these prints, instead they were labeled as “straight to take.” Our intention was for these prints to initially draw peoples attention, upon investigation the viewer would read “straight to take” and if they wished, take the poster home with them. In this way each print would be a unique experience for whoever was interested enough to take a look. In April of this year we took this same idea to the gallery setting. Reference Gallery in Richmond, Virginia put on Punishing Prints, a one night exhibition in which each of the 400 prints on the walls were straight to take.

The power of distribution…

All the prints are screenprinted and , in case you’re wondering, the pyramid in the center of the gallery is a stack of poster boxes.

Is that Andy K. grabbing a free print?

Sean and Bryan are interviewed about the project starting at around 00:30.

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One Response to “Straight to Take”

  1. kvh says:

    I love this. I want to do this.

    I think I will.