Print Day!

It’s just around the corner, that day declared the day to get into your print studio and get inky! Saturday, May 1 the MPC Print Club is pushing forward with their international print day! They are asking artists to make the commitment to print somewhere, somehow, on Saturday May 1 and send a note letting them know where and when you’ll be printing. Their blog site has more details and they will let everyone know who is participating. Participants can reach out to each other, blog about it or just revel in the fact that they are all taking some time to do what we love to do – Print!

(For those of you who don’t know the MPC Print Club, they are working on hard on being the world’s coolest print club. Located in the Monterey Peninsula in California, they stay busy with club exhibitions, grass roots fundraising and the occasional field trip to Hawaii.)

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4 Responses to “Print Day!”

  1. Luther says:

    Can I get a pass since I print every other day of the week. I was planning on taking that day off.

  2. Robynn Smith says:

    just make a handprint!

  3. Spent seven hours printing in my studio in Northcote (Melbourne, Australia)