Philagrafika 2010: Shelley Thorstensen at the Woodmere Art Museum

A guest post by Lindsay McKeighan

“Our eyes are tactile organs. We trace form, the feel of what we see; we see and remember” – S. Thorstensen

Shelley Thorstensen‘s solo exhibition The Leap from Vision to Print at the Woodmere Art Museum is a Philagrafika 2010 Independent Project.  The show is up from now until – July 31 2010. Thorstensen’s work observes the personal experience observing one’s conscience environment both internally and externally and in tandem. It explores the duality of mind and body with elegance and motif. Patters repeat organically. Colors pop and flow with emphasis. Mysteries present themselves in this uplifting and contemplative body of work. Visit to reflect on the joy of living, while acknowledging the impermanence we all must accept. The mediums utilized by Thorstensen include traditional: Intaglio, lithography and silkscreen layered brilliantly to expose internal and external impressions or “reflections”.

The artist talking to admirers at the opening reception.

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9 Responses to “Philagrafika 2010: Shelley Thorstensen at the Woodmere Art Museum”

  1. Evan Summer says:

    Congratulations Shelley! This looks great!

  2. Hi Shelley…I’m glad your show went so well for you. What a great place to have a show. Keep on doing what you do so well!

    Claudia S.

  3. Sue MacDonald says:

    Rich and tempting! I wish I had your skills!

  4. Sara Olson says:

    Congratulations Shelley!!

  5. Peggi says:

    Congrats, Shelley!!! Wish I could be there, but very happy for your successful exhibit!

  6. Bob Miles says:

    Your work looks really interesting. I’ve got to get over there so I can appreciate the whole exhibit.

  7. Brad Thorstensen says:

    Wow exciting prints you deserve the recognition sis

  8. Ben says:

    WooooHoooo! Shelly!!!

  9. Rosemary Lane says:

    Inspired work, Shelley!
    Congratulations! It appeared to be an awesome show!