SGC Philadelphia: Some Parting Thoughts

Michael Barnes riding a printing device.

This is a Guest Post by Gillian Pokalo.

(Regrettably, this post was delayed from publication by an unforeseen computer meltdown. -Amze)

In thinking back perhaps some of the most memorable moments of the Southern Graphics Council Conference, Mark Remarque, were the demonstrations (sorry Barnes, you were a close second), which took place in the printmaking facilities of Philadelphia’s art schools: Moore College of Art & Design, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, University of the Arts, and Tyler School of Art.

In the great tradition of Stanley William Hayter, Tony Rosati (PAFA Printmaking Department Chair) demonstrated intaglio viscosity color printing, By adjusting the viscosity of the ink, Rosati demonstrated how to print multiple colors from one plate.  (An added tidbit for the intaglio printmaker: masking tape on mylar not only helps with registration, but also keeps the paper from jumping.

Also at PAFA Chair of the MFA program, Dan Miller, presented a demonstration on spooning large format woodcuts.  Using the friction of a spoon eliminates the need for a press, yet enables one to print large, unusually shaped matrices.  Technical tidbits for the block printer: Miller recommends a #2 grade pine, which is easy to carve and inexpensive, and using a wire brush in the direction of the wood grain can create transparent grey tones.

At Tyler, Shelley Thorstensen and Wendy Osterwell demonstrated the Hectograph print, a press-less process, where gelatin is used as the matrix.  The hectograph print was the teacher’s photocopier of the mid twentieth century, and today affords artists without a press the ability to make monoprints.  Attendees were able to respond to an image embedded in the gelatin, making their own Remarque, and pulling and taking a print with them.  For more information about this process, check out the website

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