The Stock Project

Maybe if more artists made artwork about the stock market, I’d have a better understanding of how it works. Emily Larned is doing just that with The Stock Project. Larned is drawing emphasis to the relativity of value and price by producing limited edition broadsides, the price of which vary in conjunction with the rise and fall of stock prices. The Stock Project is hand-set in lead and wood type and features quotes form Karl Marx’s Capital

A set of three broadsides, available individually or as a set. The price is pegged to the Dow Jones Industrial, and is reset every Friday afternoon at market close, 4:30 pm EST. The price is currently $24.60 a share (one) or $65.60 a stake (all three).

While I have spent money on art, I feel pretty distant from the world of art-as-investment. My limited familiarity with the fairs and auctions stems largely from reading the occasional NY Times article on the subject. Printeresting, if anything, is perhaps the opposite of that scene in that we celebrate ideas of the multiplicity, distribution and accessibility- notions that are at the core of print. Buying art for it’s potential profitability seems more than a little crazy to me and, looking at The Stock Project, I think Larned probably shares that view.

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