TrickGo: Youthful Retail

One person’s recession is another person’s opportunity, right?

A few weeks back while trolling the neighborhood surrounding the University of the Arts for various print-related exhibitions, I happened upon this Pine Street storefront currently occupied by TrickGo. I went inside to have a look and talked with owner Matt Trigaux who has a pretty compelling story to tell about the triumph of the entrepreneurial spirit. Matt started Trickgo back in 2008 as a student at UArts (he’s a junior now and does TrickGo on top of his school work!). It has grown organically since then from dorm room experiment to bonafied small business. Specializing in limited edition t-shirts, prints, and other handmade small-run products, TrickGo is part store, part gallery, and part social scene.

Trigaux works with his immediate community. A lot of his artists are current and former students at UArts as are many of his customers. TrickGo, with it’s local flavor and approachability, is new school “Mom and Pop”. It’s the kind of place that makes you think maybe capitalism isn’t so bad after all.

Assorted things for sale.

Poster by Linnea Vegh

A wall of paintings by Bradford Haubrich.

You’ll recognize this t-shirt from an earlier post. B.  Rollin t-shirt by Courtney Brown.

Here’s a t-shirt by Matt Trigaux. Who doesn’t love CMYK?

The Pizza Book: An Illustrated Guide to Philadelphia’s Best and Worst Slices by Gregory Pizzoli and Ansley Joe was on sale at the front desk. To quote an online explanation, the book “is a hand-written and illustrated wet-dream for all pizza enthusiasts. We reviewed everything from pizza quality, bathroom cleanliness, average slice prices, customer service, beverage variety – everything you could ever want to know. We also included all the info you need to check them out for yourself – phone numbers, hours, delivery minimums – absolutely everything.” In fairness, this book probably deserves it’s own post.

An upcoming event for those of you in the area.

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